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Range Leather Co.

Sunglass Strap - Black

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$35.00 USD
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$35.00 USD

Sunnies are close to your heart, so you need something to comfortably hold them in place and be easy on your shoulder.

Our proprietary tapered shape hugs your neck for comfort and water resistant leather keeps the finish fresh. Hand pounded rivets make sure everything super sturdy, and the silicone heads fit any arm size. You'll love this strap so much, you'll want to wear it everywhere.


• Proprietary tapered shape

• Hand pounded rivets

• Water resistant leather

• Silicone head fits any arm size

Our Leather: We source all of our leather from the Horween Tannery in Chicago, IL. Founded in 1905, Horween Leather Company provides unparalleled quality and consistency for all their tannages. Just as Range products are made by hand, all Horween leathers are tanned by hand as well.