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Sawtooth Room Spray

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A blend of vetiver & sagebrush

Inspired by the high desert landscapes of Idaho and the endless trails carved through the sea of silvery, stormy looking native bushes. The unique camphor-like scent has accompanied so many of our adventures, and has become an iconic scent profile tied to many wild memories.

Scent your spaces with your favorite Lost Sage blends. They can travel where you go, and do wonders throughout all spaces. Our favorite use? Refreshing our adventure van after us humans and our crew of dogs go on a road trip. Trust us, it's not the greatest smell coming home, but these sprays save our senses and get us ready for next time.

Control the intensity with the amount of misting sprays - we recommend starting with 1-2!

Ingredients: distilled water, organic sugarcane alcohol, fragrance & essential oils, organic vegetable glycerin