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Lost Sage

Sawtooth Reed Diffuser

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A blend of vetiver & sagebrush

Inspired by the high desert landscapes of Idaho and the endless trails carved through the sea of silvery, stormy looking native bushes. The unique camphor-like scent has accompanied so many of our adventures, and has become an iconic scent profile tied to many wild memories.

Enjoy the effortless method of filling your everyday spaces with your favorite Lost Sage fragrance! This low-maintenance option delivers our full collection of aromas in a style that uses natural reed sticks to carry the blends throughout all spaces. Does not require heat, flame or electricity - simply place the reeds into the bottle of oil and experience the natural way in which the scents travel.

Each bottle is accompanied by a set of 10 all-natural reeds. To use, simply place all of the reeds into the diffuser bottle and let them absorb & drift the fragrances to freshen the air. Each bottle will last 4+ months, so enjoy!

TIP: For a stronger impact, rotate the reeds once per week!