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Trek Light Gear

Arizona Blankestry™

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$88.00 USD

What's a Blankestry?

It's a functional piece of handwoven blanket art that can be hung as a tapestry or used in a variety of ways.

Handwoven with 100% post-consumer recycled materials. One tree planted for every item purchased.

Dimensions: 3'x3'

Note: This is not a full-size blanket. If you're looking for a throw blanket, see our full blanket collection. Our Blankestries are designed for the wall - but, like most Trek Light Gear products, the adventure is up to you. Use your Blankestry to decorate your campsite, to add an accent to a table, dresser, or chair, and even to add a blast of style to your pet's favorite lie-down spot. Of course, you can still use a Blankestry to get cozy like any other blanket - but it is small! Think of it as a lap blanket, a shoulder wrap, or a shawl.